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Robyn is so upbeat, such a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, and really easy to work with. She is also the most creative and skilled designer I know. Many designers do beautiful work but the results feel basically the same every time. So while our previous designer experiences were “fine” and well executed we had sworn off the ‘designer experience’ because the results just didn’t feel personalized. After talking with Robyn for an hour, we realized that not only did she understand the type of place we wanted to live, but she had a fresh exciting take on the process of design. Every place she designs is totally unique and created to fit that person. She works to get to the essence of the clients first and create the design based on that knowledge. …a visual story of who we are. Her process led to a fantastically beautiful, totally customized result that doesn’t feel like anyone else’s home; so pleasing to live in, so exactly what we wanted, actually so much more than we could have ever envisioned. The essence of our home is us.
— --Gwen Lowery and Eric Hawley